Foresta Shope

Elementary Principal

Sciotoville Elementary Academy (S.E.A.) was created in 2008 by community members and families standing together with a common goal of improving educational outcomes for the children of Sciotoville and surrounding areas. The Ohio Department of Education has designated Sciotoville Elementary Academy as a “High Performing Community School”! Here at S.E.A. we have created an environment where each student receives the love, care, and support of a family! We are one! We have FUN every day and we celebrate everyone’s accomplishments! S.E.A.’s educational focus is for ALL children to learn and grow as much as they can each and every day they are here! The daily conversations that occur between our teachers, students, and parents are about student academic progress and growth! We develop close partnerships with our parents in order to continue the idea of “Always being our best” at home as well as school. It’s not about where you are in life, but it’s about where our daily choices can take you! We are changing the world! We are proud to allow our K-5 students the opportunity to be true Tartans! With a shared vision of “Putting Kids First” S.E.A. is committed to providing a quality education utilizing the latest technology for all students, creating 21st-century learners. Every student in grades K-5 has an individual Chromebook to use throughout the day creating Google Docs, working on Accelerated Reading and Math Programs, as well as their online curriculum. We provide EVERY student with FREE school supplies each year! We also have 3-FREE fun summer activities for our students and families each summer break so that we have some informal time to just hang out and be together! If you would like more information about Sciotoville Elementary Academy or if you would like to register your child for the upcoming school year, I would be happy to speak with you! Please give me a call in the main office at (740) 776-2920.

Thank you!,
Foresta Shope-Principal

Jackie Chambers

Teacher/Invention Specialist

Contact me by email: jackie.chambers@tartan.k12.oh.us

Amanda Conkel


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Stephani Dunks


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Amanda Imler


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Michelle Kurtz


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Stephanie Morrow


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Sandra Pack


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Mallory Phipps


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Anita Rawlins

Intervention Specialist

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Tanya Bailey


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Jessica Conley


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Maddison Enz


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Natalie Howell


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Matt Miller


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Susan Smith


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Ashlee Stapleton


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Beverly Williams


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Amanda Davis


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