We are Sciotoville Community Schools

We are a public, community, school district serving elementary, middle school and high school students in grades K through 12 in Sciotoville, Ohio.

The Experience

For 100 years, we have offered an education that broadens perspectives, sharpens minds, strengthens bodies, and engages hearts.

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Inside the Classroom

Some of the best faculty in the area inspire, mentor, and guide Sciotoville students on their academic journey.

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Beyond The Classroom

For Tartans, learning occurs in many different settings beyond the walls of a classroom.

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After High School

Sciotoville East prepares students for their next step in life, whether it’s college or work, students are given the ability and necessary skills to do what they want to do in life.

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James Mahlmeister
High School Principal
224 Marshall St.
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

Foresta Shope
Sciotoville East Academy
5523 3rd St.
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662