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Kiwana’s Scholarship

General Scholarship Information

1. Pay close attention to deadlines.
2. Bring your college applications to the guidance office when completed. We will add a transcript and mail it for you as a complete package.
3. If the scholarship requires a letter of recommendation, give the person you ask to write the letter plenty of time to get it written.
4. Never pay anyone for scholarship searches. There are many people and companies who try to make money off of parents/students who are trying to find scholarships. The guidance office has many resources for scholarships.
5. When scholarships ask for a list of activities, be creative. You can include youth groups or other activities even if they are not school related.
6. If you know what colleges you are considering, speak to the admissions counselors at each school to see what scholarships they may have available.
7. Some colleges and universities that require an application fee will waive the fee if you apply online. Many admissions counselors will waive the fee if you make a campus visit or speak with them at a college fair.

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