Sciotoville Community School Governing Board Meeting Report | March 13, 2019

  1. The board recognized Will Shope for achieving the 1,000 point career scoring mark during the 18-19 basketball season.
  2. The board adopted the following policy:
  3. Residency Documentation and Address Verification Policy
  4. The board approved a revision in the SEA Student Handbook.
  5. The board adopted a resolution recognizing and authorizing the SCOESC Attendance Officers as “Keeper of the Records”.
  6. The board authorized the Superintendent and Treasurer to enter into a lease agreement with Beverly King and Gary Stiltner to lease the board owned Dairy Bar.
  7. The board approved the Girls Basketball Field Trip Request.
  8. The board approved the list of Supplemental Contracts.
  9. The board approved Jessica Porter as Supervisor of Boys Basketball Concession Stand Operations for the 18-19 season.
  10. The employed the following Classified Staff:
  11. Heather Queen – Custodian
  12. The board approved the 2019-2020 School Calendar.
  13. The board approved a revision in the East Jr./Sr. High Student Handbook.
  14. The board approved the following substitute personnel:
  15. Heather Queen – Custodian – Effective January 23, 2019
  16. Amanda Stiles – Bus Driver